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Complete Asterisk Training

Textbook for the Complete Asterisk Training available at Udemy. Exclusive page to buy the eBook.  You can also find the paperback version at

eBook: 341 pages
Publisher: Independently published (February 7, 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1796396974
ISBN-13: 978-1796396973


Complete Asterisk Training, covering Asterisk 16,  is a new edition of the Configuration Guide for Asterisk PBX. The reason for change the name is to match the name of the online training available on Udemy. So this book is part of a three part training system, eLearning, Text Book and Lab Guide. Why a different book about Asterisk? Most books are not oriented to teach the reader on how to build a complete PBX. They present many concepts, but not with a story, an objective. I have based this book in the old training guides from Novell. So it has a start where you install Asterisk, then you create extensions, trunks, dialplan until you complete a fully functional free and open source PBX. Then we go to more advanced concepts. In this book you will learn: – How to install Asterisk- How to register extensions- How to connect SIP trunks- How to create a dial plan to send and receive calls- How to configure analog and digital channels- How to configure SIP, IAX and PJSIP- How to use Asterisk behind NAT and clients behind NAT- How to use PBX features such as tranfer, capture, parking, conference- How to configure Call queues and Agents – How to generate CDRs to a database using ODBC drivers- How to develop simple AGIs and AMIs to connect your programs- How to secure Asterisk using Fail2Ban, IPTABLES, TLS and SRTP- How to use Asterisk Real Time to read the configuration from a databaseWe cover the latest version, Asterisk 16, a Long Term Support version. I hope you use this version for a long time. This book has more than 10 years, the first edition was in 2006 and since then it has been updated once each 4 or 5 years. This book has two companions. A training on Udemy with the same name and a Lab Guide on github, more details inside the book .